Here are some ideas for putting your old smartphone to use

After buying a new smartphone, the old smartphone is un-usable due to its incompetencies with the modern technology. We either throw it into the trash or leave them somewhere to collect dust. However, we can re-use the old smartphone in different ways and takes best out of it when they are not worth enough to sell. Here are some things that, you can do with your old smartphone to kick them back in use and will find that they can come as quite handy.

  1. New media remote


Most Smartphones have a capability of using them as a remote control. In fact, very few people use their Smartphone as a remote control. If you have an old Smartphone, which nobody uses, then you can use it as a dedicated remote control for your Television. Moreover, you can use it to control iTunes, PC and DVD player. All you need to convert your old Smartphone into a remote control is to download an appropriate app from the PlayStore.

  1. Digital photo frame

Your old Smartphone can act as a digital photo frame if you want it to be. You can configure your old device as a photo frame by using apps and tools on your phone. You can load your favorite photos directly into your phone or by synchronizing with a cloud solution like Dropbox. Turning your old Smartphone into a sideboard-sitting frame, which cycles through your favorite photos, is a great idea.

  1. Mobile Carputer

Using your old Smartphone as a carputer is a great way of re-using it. The Smartphone-based carputer can act as an in-car entertainment system. You may not be able to access data about your car from the Smartphone-based carputer, but still having a phone permanently in your car will enhance your driving experience for sure.

  1. Security camera


You can use your spare Smartphoneas a home security camera. You can connect your old Smartphone to the internet to enable live tracking from the device. For making your old Smartphone as a surveillance camera, you have to fix it at a place from where it will monitor the desired space. There are many apps available at the official stores, which you can use to make phone act as a security camera.

  1. Offline GPS

You can transform your old Smartphone into a GPS device. You can use it as a GPS for your car or bike by installing an app with offline routing capabilities. Moreover, it would not require an internet connection and will cost you nothing. All you have to do is to install the app and stick your phone in the car or bike mount.

  1. Scanner

Many of the old Smartphones have cameras, which can capture high-resolution photos. This feature enables old Smartphones to act as good scanners for digitizing paper documents rather than copying photographs at high resolution. You will need an app such as CamScanner, Google Drive or Scannable, which will help to access your old phone as a scanner.

  1. Weather forecaster

To transform your old Smartphone into a weather forecaster, you have to fix it to the wall or place it somewhere, which is more suitable. You will also require an app suitable that can provide you instant access to forecasts. You can look-up for forecasts when you are going out or after getting up in the morning.

You can use your old Smartphone in many ways. Moreover, these ways of using your old Smartphone is easy and fun. You can also discover new ideas for using your old unused Smartphones, which are catching dirt otherwise.

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