Why Android phones slow down over time and how to speed them up

Most of the Android devices slow down after some period of usage. However, the slowing of the Android phone has nothing to do with its wear and tear. In fact, most of the computational devices become slow because of apps and cache that consumes the RAM and device’s storage space. There are many reasons that are responsible for the lagging of your Android phone. You can increase your phone’s speed by minimizing the factors behind the slowdown of your phone.

  1. Apps running in the background


Many apps like Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook, need to stay in the background for automatic synchronization. Running in the background of the phone enable these apps to check for updates and notifications. If the user disables such apps to work in the background, then to get updates and notifications from the app, the user has to synchronize them manually. You can also install apps, which hibernates the background apps and increases RAM of the phone.

  1. App Cache

Many apps store lot of data in their cache. The cache data increase over time and tends to slow down the phone. This overwhelming cache data can cause apps to crash down, repeatedly. Consequently, the performance of the phone gets down. You can clear the cache data by going into Settings > Apps of the phone. Clearing the cache of an app may lead you to log into the app again, but it will speed up your phone’s speed.

  1. Security apps

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Like any other Operating System, Android may have some security issues. Installing a security application will not help you much is reducing the security related risks. Most of the security apps do nothing and just use the precious RAM, resulting in a slowdown of the performance of the phone. You can keep safe your phone by following safe practices such as not installing apps from malicious sites.

  1. Storage

Internal storages have a significant effect on the phone’s operating speed. If the internal storage of the phone is nearly full, then it will cause in slow data read and write speed. To speed up the phone, you have to free up as much space as possible of the internal storage. You can do this by removing unwanted data from the storage and moving files to the external storage card.

  1. Overheating


Overheating is another reason for the slowing down of your phone. Most Smartphones have intelligent software, which is capable of adjusting the phone’s processing speed. Whenever a phone becomes hot, the software slows down the processing speed to compensate for the increasing heat. The decrease in the processing speed of the processor will lead to the low performance of the phone. The reasons probably striking behind the overheating are playing high-graphics game, watching videos at full brightness and using all the wireless radios at the same time.

  1. Factory reset

If your phone is not speeding up by any methods, then performing a factory reset will be the last available option. A factory reset will delete everything from your phone and resort it to its original software. This method will lead to the removal of apps that you have installed in the mobile phone after buying it. It means that you have to install all apps again on your phone. You can reset your phone by accessing the Backup and Reset option from the setting menu. 

It is common to have the slow speed of mobile phones after a certain period of usage. However, there some tricks that you can use to increase the processing speed of your mobile phone. It is most probable that your phone will regain its speed if you follow these tips.

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