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Huawei plans Android-powered smartphone

huawei phone gUTou 48It will be no surprise to see a number of phones in the near future, running on the Android platform. For now, Huawei, one of China’s largest telecommunications companies, is planning to roll out smartphones based on Android and Symbian. The announcement is quite expected as Huawei is a member of both the Symbian Foundation and Android’s Open Handset Alliance. Till date, the company has launched just one Windows Mobile-based smartphone. Till now they have been mainly offering entry level phones for the Chinese shelves. Huawei will now come up with its mobile broadband products, including an embedded module, which will be launched at the Mobile Asia Congress in Macau this month. The Huawei-branded smartphones based on the Android and Symbian operating systems are expected to be launched in the first half of 2009.

Since, the firm doesn’t command any hold of the smartphone industry, it would be interesting to see what exactly their offerings would offer to the customers. We might get some idea during the Mobile Asia Congress that would run from 18 to 20 November this month.

Via: UnwiredView

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