How to Upgrade Your Love of Photography from Your Cell Phone


If you have taken some amazing pictures just using the camera on your cell phone, imagine what you could do if you had the skills to use a more advanced camera. While cell phone photography has improved vastly over the years, there are some types of photos that phones struggle to capture. Fast moving subjects, as well as those at a distance away, do not usually photograph well. If you have a love of photography but need a camera that can take your skills up a gear, this guide gives you some tips.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife-Photography.When you want to take close up shots of wildlife, you need a camera that you can attach a telephoto lens to. This will allow you to zoom in on animals and bird in the distance. However, a macro lens is ideal if you want to take super close images of tiny insects or want to show the minute details in foliage and flowers. DSLR cameras have the edge over other types, such as mirrorless cameras, as there is a range of interchangeable lenses available to suit the wildlife you want to photograph. When looking for a suitable camera, you can find some great advice on the best wildlife cameras to buy from Choosist.


Sports photography often means taking photos of subjects moving, sometimes at speed. This means you need fast shutter speeds to capture a clear image, and focus tracking may also be helpful. Some DSLR cameras are good all-rounders, and there are some mirrorless cameras that can hold their own provided you don’t need different lenses, but if you want to specifically take action shots, then a camera that prioritizes speed over picture resolution may be a good option.


LandscapesA stunning landscape photograph amazes the senses, and to get the best out of landscape photography, you need to use a camera that has a large sensor frame means to ensure you get great picture quality and resolution. When you shoot a landscape, you don’t need a camera that boasts high speeds or auto focusing, as you have the time to adjust the camera to the scene yourself.

A camera that is protected from the weather is also key to good landscape photography, as you may be outside for long periods of time in all sorts of weather. You don’t want water being able to penetrate your camera, so look for weatherproof cameras.

Time Lapse

This sort of photography is where a single picture is taken repeatedly, over a length of time. When you put it all together, it creates a movie like effect. It is great for showing how slow things move, such as the growth of plants or the construction of a building. You don’t need a specialist camera to be able to take these images, but you do need to be able to position the camera in exactly the same place each time.

If you enjoy taking photos with your cell phone, moving on to cameras with more functions and versatility will take your love of photography further.

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