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How to buy the right replacement battery for your cell phone

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Unlike cellphones of yore that were only used to make and receive calls and texts, phones today also serve as cameras, video recorders, music players, phonebooks, digital photo albums, navigators and even portable computers. Providing so many functions puts an extraordinary strain on a phone’s battery. Most cellphone/smartphone batteries today have a lifespan of approximately 500 charging cycles. Therefore, if you charge your phone battery at least once a day, you would need to get a new battery roughly every 16 months. Picking the right battery for your cellphone can be challenging if you don’t have the basics right. Here are some helpful pointers that can help you buy the right replacement battery for your phone.

1. Know when to replace the battery

Sometimes, when you leave too many apps open on your phone or use your phone too much, your battery may drain often and you may believe that you need to replace your cellphone battery. However, before getting a replacement battery, you should try to decrease your phone usage for a day or two. Just shut down all unnecessary applications, charge your phone fully and see how long the battery lasts in comparison to the talk time and standby time the manufacturer claimed it would when you bought it. If the battery drains significantly fast, you need to replace it. If it lasts around 60% of the original talk time/standby time claim, you can wait a few months before the battery needs changing.

2. Check for the existing battery’s warranty

Original phone batteries can be rather expensive. Before shelling out major moolah on a new phone battery, you should check if the old one is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Generally, a battery offered as a bundle with a new handset is covered for over a year or more. Check the terms of the warranty. If the battery has degenerated significantly within the warranty, you may be eligible for a replacement free of cost.

3. Get the battery’s details right

Whether ordering a free replacement battery covered under warranty or buying a new one, you need to ensure that you know what kind of battery your phone uses. Jot down the handset’s model number as well as the model number of the battery. You can find it in the manual that came with the handset as well as on the battery itself. Get the battery’s type, IMEI number and serial number. You would need to get the same battery model that your phone supports as phone batteries differ in size, shape and capacity.

4. Purchasing the right replacement battery

You can buy a replacement battery for your cellphone from a reputed battery retailer like A1 Battery Pro. You need to have the battery model, phone model and serial number etc. before placing an order online. If you have an outlet of your handset maker or third party retailer in your location, you can also walk in store and ask in-store personnel to help you find the right battery.

5. Look out for warranties

Whether you are buying a replacement battery from your handset manufacturer or buying it from a third party retailers, you should always get a battery that comes with a warranty.

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