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Google+ receives trendy new iPhone app, Android next

Smartphones are hailed as possessing the most interactive user interface with their touch screen and numerous features. Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Google, revealed on Google’s official blog that the company is taking advantage of the smartphone’s amazing aspects to enhance the Google+ experience. The existing Google app failed in numerous categories when it came to enriching Google+ mobile experience. The update, however, adopts a more visual approach. The iPhone version, available in App stores now, brings more intimate, simpler and advanced communication facilities to consumers.Google+ Mobile App


  1. Browse videos and pictures in high quality, with vivid details and colorful clarity. You do not have to put up with grainy or blurred images. You can derive great pleasure from admiring the full beauty of your cherished memories. Visual elements like overlays, gradients and backgrounds receive a positive appearance; its aesthetic value is not diminished, which makes sure you do not lose interest on the site.
  2. View thicker fonts, larger profile picture and a more accommodating homescreen. All facets considered carefully to increase the browsing enjoyment of consumers.
  3. Improved ease to scan the stream of given data. Each post occupies a stylized stream and is identifiable, with the full screen displaying the posts.
  4. With one swipe you can guide through the labyrinth of information effortlessly.
  5. Google+ boosted with optical cues like parallax that helps you view individual posts.
  6. The +1 feature that everyone appreciates is perceived as 3D on the stream, so you may easily find it to mark your favorites.

The app has been specially designed to fulfill consumer’s ideas about a best functioning app. Google has made sure to update the former lackluster app with positive changes to appeal to Google customers. Another positive development that consumers can look forward to is the soon to be unveiled Android version of the Google+, which the company says has a few enticing surprises.

Via: Googleblog

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