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Getting Connected the 888 Way

wearable concept phone gP5Es 59

888 for a cell phone freak should be an adorable number and if you ask me why, you do not deserve to be one. Come on! We remember the Nokia 888 concept don’t we? Since then, wearable cell phone concepts keep hitting popularity every now and then and although it still sounds alien to use them, the fact is that they manage to always find their admirers. Hyun Sung Lee chose to make a difference but knowingly, unknowingly he trounced the same path which NOKIA did with the 888. Thus, we all realize that his concept too is a wearable one and the smarter option would be to go looking for the divergence which is the placement of this concept phone’s camera that chooses to sit atop your wrist, well, in a way.

[Source: Concept-Phones]

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