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Future shock: Your phone could become your doctor, well almost!

health through mobile phone
Day by day, mobile phones are getting more complicated and functional. Someday you might be able to use your mobile to diagnose your body’s illnesses. This is courtesy the researchers from NTT DoCoMo and Tokyo University who have found a way to transport two molecules using chemically engineered motor proteins into your body. Motor proteins are the natural proteins that are present in our body which helps us in our motor functions. The researchers have combined one of these motor proteins onto a glass substrate. When a molecule to be analyzed arrives to the glass substrate, it can be transported to the sensors for analysis.

With this discovery, a DNA chip can be created to analyze our body’s health through our sweat. The molecules in our body’s sweat can be analyzed using the DNA chip present in the mobile phone and the presence of illness, if any, could be detected and displayed to the patient. By this, the mobile phone can become our personal doctor to analyze our body’s condition. If you want to know when you can lay your hands on one such device, you will be a bit disappointed because the researchers at NTT DoCoMo predict this technology to become commercial in the next ten years.


Via: computerworld

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