Emerging Software Testing Trends To Watch Out For


Software testing industry is thriving like anything in the last decade and the need of more software testers is increasing with every passing day to businesses developing software. The software testers at the same time are upgrading their skills to maintain industry standards.

Many applications from AI(Artificial Intelligence) to automation has caught our attention.QA department of software testing, an important department which analyzes out weak points in apps and websites before their launch, has been more into focus.

Software testing- an important part of software development – saves developer’s time and company’s money by finding bugs quickly and effectively. There are some testing trends listed below which should be watched out in 2018:-

IoT (Internet of things):


Softwares and applications connecting hardware to the internet are bringing the need for software testing for IoT QA teams. The most important region where software testing is needed in this tech is security breaches.

The IOt techs have to be tested for its functionality and reliability before getting it launched. But other problems that it faces are threats to network and web-interface or authentication purposes.

Though It has done an impressive work in breaking through, these security breaches are always a problem. So IoT gadgets have to go through static and dynamic thorough testing from QAs before they can be properly launched.

A future for Open-source tools:

The number of organizations that will come up to adopt them for proper implementation of Agile, test automation, DevOps, and support staff for open source tools will only increase. They will be more readily available on a 24 x 7 basis.

Agile and DevOps are the new best friends:


The DevOps believe in the seamless working of all IT companies. The merging of software developers and Agile has made centralized testing centers a thing of the past. Software development mentality is shifting towards proper software engineering which involves testing. This needs to be more progressive, iterative and packaged with the making of apps.

Big Data is really going to be big:

The explosive amount of big data and cloud data on which we are sitting needs to have a strong setup for BigData testing. Various testing tools, techniques, and frameworks are needed for proper testing. Having said that, this is a region that will grow exponentially in the near future.

Performance Engineering is taking place in Performance testing:


A good user experience should always bring a good notion to a particular product. Organisations need to know how much can a product enter the market through consistent performances across various platforms, operating systems etc. Organisations are now realizing the fact of better user experiences and want to modulate their strategy so that they can provide with better performance engineering.

High demands for software testers:

SDET (Software Development Engineers in Test) is going to be a big hit. By 2020, most testers will be expected to get into the hat of an SDET to get success as far as Test Automation, which in the near future will be mainstream.

Digital transformation:


A good number of organizations nowadays are taking the forward footing for digitalization. The need for a digital world will bring about a drastic change of priorities for digital testing. Groundbreaking strategies are needed for digital purposes which will, in turn, be needed for optimizing performances across different channels.

The speed of quality is the new game changer:

Everyone needs a good user experience for a product in quick succession. The demand needs supply so a product to get quickly developed with great quality only needs game-changing technologies and latest tools for the disposal team.


The increasing demand for mobile devices, apps and websites are continuous needs monitoring of app developers and QA testers. So there is a great demand for software technologies. The software testers need to continuously upgrade their skills whereas the entrepreneurs need to use latest technologies so that both can provide a flawless application for their customers.

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