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DoCoMo PRIME F-01A clamshell phone gets official!

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Target Customers: Executives and the young generation.

Most of the handsets on the Japanese shelves are multimedia-rich and the DoCoMo PRIME F-01A clamshell cellphone is no exception. The Symbian OS powered phone is one tough handset that could withstand a depth of one meter for half an hour under water. The PRIME F-01A was announced earlier along with a collection of 22 handsets. And yes, this HSDPA phone is compliant to Fujitsu’s FOMA specifications.

Technical Specifications: A 3.5″ widescreen VGA touch sensitive display, 5.2-megapixel camera with autofocus and face detection, VGA video recording at 30fps, microSD memory card slot, Fingerprint reader, e-Wallet function, and 1Seg TV tuner.

No info on pricing and availability at the moment.

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Via: Akihabara

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