Cool new features that you would find in the latest android O

android O

Mobile technology does not appear to be looking back for a moment. The new android O is another breakthrough phenomenon in this direction. An all-new level of ease and user-friendliness is the key to this advancement.

Easing the settings menu

latest android O

The settings menu in the new android O has been revamped making it more concise and thus more user- friendly. Multiple options have been incorporated into single ones making the experience simpler and hassle free.

Battery saving improvements

The background apps are monitored and applications consuming more power with less use frequency or usefulness are automatically closed adding to the battery backup. Also, the innovative analytical battery status display separately displays the power being used by display and apps, enabling efficient use in low-battery situations.

Shortcuts on lock screen

The most visited or favorite apps can now be added to a list of instant shortcuts on the lock screen enabling easy access to the apps without any delay or  password screens.

Revamped File Manager

Though the inbuilt file managers have not been as efficient as some of the apps for the same purpose, still the file manager of the new android O helps us view, delete and open files.

Notification snooze option

In this busy age, time is money and the new Notification Snooze option allows us to defer our attention to individual messages with an easy swipe of the hand. Personalization is at its best with android O.

Fingerprint gestures for third party apps

android O

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Now it would be absolutely easy to monitor accessibility options of third party apps, at the same time ensuring security for the individual user. Ease of access is clearly one of the keys to future leadership of the android market.

Navigation bar tuner

Customization is one of the keys to attracting the customers. The new navigation bar tuner takes personalized experience to a brand new level. The shapes and sizes of the menus can be modified and so can their positions in the interface.

Picture in picture mode

latest android O

The new picture in picture mode allows the user to attend video calls while completing some other work on the mobile phone as well. The video call window appears as a small popup while the other task is performed simultaneously. The android O simply redefines multitasking.

Inverted Themes

The more attractive the user interface, the stronger is the demand for the digital gadget. The black-on-white and the white-on-black looks of the entire interface and listed icons show nothing but a promise to be trendy and different.

Notification channels

The ‘notification channels’ option of the New android O facilitates sorting of similar kind of items from different apps together. Thus, it becomes easy to toggle through the notifications, making our work easier. Also, it allows us to set preferences and deal with the notifications on priority basis.

Adaptive icons in the android O allows ease of access through an elegant uniformity. Once customized, all icons mould themselves into the same pattern.

Hi-fi Bluetooth Codecs

android O

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Though wireless Bluetooth headsets have often been criticized for low quality sound, yet the unique codecs from Sony enables android O to have matchless sound quality with the ease of mobility that Bluetooth wireless headsets give.

Auto fill up option

The android O comes with an auto-fill option that works like Google by maintaining a list of searched for entries. Over time, searching iterated items becomes easy s a snap.

With an enhanced range of color options, a personalized appearance, one of a kind professional efficiency, and much more, android O is the technology of the charged present towards a brighter tech-future.

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