Five common BlackBerry problems you can easily fix


Users of Blackberry like the versatility and mobility of the device that it offers. It is a complete device that offers help in business as well as in personal life. But like all devices, it has some issues. These issues are experienced by all users up to the extent all over the globe. The five common problems that a Blackberry user faces are discussed below along with the solution.

The screen of Blackberry is frozen:

Mostly, this problem occurs because of computer related devices. Suddenly, something happens to your phone and you cannot scroll up or down and even cannot click on anything. It is irritating but there are two ways to fix this problem. The first way is to reset the phone, which can be done by ALT+CAP+DELETE keys but press these keys simultaneously. If this technique fails then the other way is to do hard reset. This option is available at the settings of the phone or in some blackberry phones this reset button is positioned at the bottom of the phone. Press the button or go to settings and their select the option of hard reset and within minutes your phone will work like before. The advantage of these methods is that you won’t lose any data, which is stored in the phone.

The black berry phone fails to send or receive email messages:

The culprit behind this problem could be lack of GPRS facility. If not then the first thing you have to perform is to press the reset button. If the soft reset doesn’t rectify the problem then use the hard reset option to make phone workable and check the antenna strength. If the antenna shows the signal strength, it means GPRS facility is running on your phone then using both reset options at the same time correct your problem.

The phone fails to synchronize properly:

This is a common problem that a Blackberry user faces while operating the device. When you select the email option, you can see the messages that have been deleted and read. Perform the soft reset and wait for few minutes to see the device is working normal like before. If not, then perform the hard reset and wait for 2-3 minutes. After that restart the phone and start using the phone. Surely, it will work normally.

The phone has back-light or screen delay problems:

The back light issue is common issue among the Blackberry users. A user is unable to read the message or see the number or name of the person who is calling. This problem depends upon the model that you possess. Go to the setting and select the screen adjustment option and select the option that suits your screen and make you comfortable to see the message or numbers. This method is used for correcting this problem.

The black berry phone fails to send simple messages:

Sometimes it happens that the Blackberry fails to send messages. At that time, go to settings and change the message center number and use second message center number.

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