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Cect Wristwatch-Phone: The future is Now!

Welcome to the future! Technology has evolved and taken rapid strides in the past decade. The latest addition to the delectable family of new generation products is the Cect Wristwatch-Phone. It might appear as a cheap imitation from a down-town market but remember – looks can be deceptive. More so, in this case!

I’m talking about a watch that just doesn’t tick away. It is a GSM Phone, Media Player and a watch, all rolled into one. Hard to believe that you can hold the watch closer to your mouth and speak into it like the good ol’ James Bond movies. Your wildest fantasy would now come true as this match-box sized dial incorporates some inconceivable features. Cect, the Chinese manufacturer that developed this phone, is promising us even a headphone jack and Bluetooth functionality in future. The phone is slated to hit the markets soon. Till then, keep your fingers crossed and wait for the gadget of the future.

Via: Scifi

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