Best Windows Phone 7 apps for kids

It is a fact that every young child likes playing with phones, be it games, the camera or the apps coming with the phones nowadays. Even the babies who cannot handle the phones like to play with them although they may keep on pressing the buttons or touch the screen. The app developers have brought some very simple and convenient apps that can be run even by small children. Some of them are free and some apps come for a price that will keep the children busy, when you are amidst an important conversation or a task that you cannot leave. Some of the best Windows Phone 7 apps for kids that are available in the Windows Phone market place are described below.

Crayon ABC Animals

The application is a replica of a real paper and drawings of crayon alphabet. It is a cute learning app where the alphabets can be read out along with the sound prompts. Also a cute alphabet animal will pop up with each letter when going to the next page. It is not a free app but can be bought for $0.99.

Draw Free

It is another free and fun drawing app where pictures can be drawn on a blank screen or above a downloaded photo with fingers and can be modified with special effects. Some other features of this app include the entertaining sounds, built-in backgrounds for coloring in, colorful stamps to add animals, shake to clear, etc.

Gem Smasher

This app’s game play is very simple and is sure to be liked by the children. The gems just need to be touched and they come throwing into the screen to avoid bombs. If three bombs get blasted, the game gets over. The game can be easily restarted and the child can continue playing. It is easy and convenient to operate too. The app is included in the list of free games.

My Coloring Book

Yet another app that comes with 126 coloring pages of some favorite holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Earth Day. Childhood is incomplete, if it goes without coloring and this app fulfills this purpose that is liked and cherished by each and every child. The painting tools available are paint brush, paint bucket, spray paint, highlighter and eraser. The other features include multiple level undo, funny stamps, gradients and textures.


It is a simple game for kids. It is a game that the kids simply cannot ignore because of the the cute fireflies in the game. The aim of the game is that child has to catch the fireflies by swiping and blend its colors in order to match the goal. It is greatly liked by the children. The app is available for free.

Baby Xylophone

The app is superb for children who love to play a musical instrument. Who does not love music and children go ga-ga over it. With a budding musician talent at home, the parents must have this app in their phones for their children. They will be able to play some awesome and super cool tunes with the Baby Xylophone app that comes with features like the inclusion of plenty of fun and quirky sounds and it is easy to be used by the little ones who are music lovers. It is priced at 0.99 dollars.

My First Puzzles

This is an interactive app that the little ones would love and they will get a kick out of finding all of the jigsaw pieces to complete the cute animal puzzles. There are fourteen puzzles to choose from. The children will develop inquisitive side of their brains and will brush up their problem solving skills. The app will give the young children a good introduction to the puzzles. It is priced at the cost of 1.99 dollars.

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