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Best iPhone 5S Covers to protect your cherished handset

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The advance functions and utility of the mobile phones have made them a must have for all the people of the world and thus mobile phones are a common device found almost everywhere. The modern day Smartphones are not just confined to calling and messaging but are an “all in one” device that let users do a number of tasks from making payments to connecting through the social websites.

Hence, it becomes very essential that you care and protect your electronic companion whenever it is with you or is resting. Here are five such attractive and elegant iPhone Cases:

Case-Mate Barely There iPhone 5S Case

Case-Mate Barely There iPhone 5S Case:

This case fits exactly and protects the back and the corners of your iPhone 5S and is crash resistant made with flexible plastic and is extremely lightweight. It is durable and provides you easy access to all the controls, sensors and ports.

Luxury Pocket Book

Luxury Pocket Book for iPhone 5S:

This is most beautiful of all the iPhone cases, which not only protects your mobile but also allows you to carry cash and cards making your pockets lighter. It is extremely thin, created out of embossed leather and with a Baltic birch cradle with interior pockets, rear camera aperture and various channels for headphones and charger.

Rose Gold Logo

Black Leather, Rose Gold Logo:

This elegant piece has an 18-Karat Champagne Gold electroplating and is an UV coated envelop with a screen guard. Made of fine leather from Italy, the case has a thickness of 0.6 mm. Experienced designers accurately carve each detail to ensure a wrinkle free look.

Gresso Monaco M4

Gresso Monaco M4:

Gresso Monaco’s ultimate luxury case is a pure bliss created out of 18K white gold, pure genuine black leather and grade 5 titanium composite. All the creating contents make the case stylish enough to give a style statement.

Element Soft-Tec Wallet_1

Element Soft-Tec Wallet:

Another brilliant piece from the Element, the Soft Tec Wallet is the most recent edition, which has been carved out of leather and is loaded with a magnetic clasp and a few grooves to hold your cash and cards. It is available in many colors to choose from.


Mobile phones are very important to define your personality and so are the mobile accessories that take care of your immensely important device. These iPhone cases are latest and the best, so you can grab one that suits your budget to protect your phone from damage and to make it even more attractive.

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