Best iOS and Android quit smoking apps 2018

Quitting smoking, as difficult as it may sound, it not really so. True that the process of letting go of smoking is coupled with plenty of downs and lows, the overall journey isn’t quite an impossible one too. Given the fact that there are so many true stories of how people have overcome this habit, anyone can quit smoking if they will to. With the advent of technology, there are many quit-smoking apps 2018 has seen.

There are not just designed for breaking your smoking habit but also ensure that it does not come back again. They are simple to understand, easy to use, and are pretty conveniently accessible at the touch of your fingertips. Given below are a few of the most widely used apps for smoking cessation used worldwide.

Craving to Quit

This app is one of the most well-designed apps of 2018 full of practical methods to help you achieve your goal. It aims at a schedule of 21 days, at the end of which you are expected to achieve smoking cessation. Craving to Quit can be called one of the ground-breaking quit-smoking apps 2018 has brought to us.

It sets your daily goals for you while dropping you reminders throughout the day. This app monitors your daily dose of cigarettes each day and will try its level best to bring the count down to zero. It is free of cost and is available on both Playstore and the Appstore.

Smoke Free

This is a cool and fun app to have on your phone which makes your problems seem little and blends it in an enjoyable way. Smoke Free calculates your daily dose of cigarettes and also how it has affected your health and financial status. When you start experiencing smoking withdrawal symptoms, it even assists you with advice from people who have been through this.

Over time, when you reduce your smoking habits, it tells how you how much your health has been regained and how much money you saved by not puffing it away in smoke. Smoke Free is one of the best and the interesting quit-smoking apps 2018 has delivered and is bound to stay for long. You can download it on any smartphone for free.

Quit Smoking Slowly

This app is just the right one for heavy and chain-smokers. They need to take it slowly and steadily instead of rushing right into it head first. Quit Smoking Slowly enables the smoker to feed their smoking inputs into the app each day, since smoking withdrawal symptoms also need to be considered. The daily progress of the user is monitored accordingly.

There is an indicator in this app which remains red most of the time. This means you are not advised to have a cigarette yet. And when this indicator turns green, you may smoke for the day. This app reduces your smoking habit gradually until it totally diminishes forever.

Quit Now

This app is one of the most popular ones in this category. It used globally by over 2 million smokers trying to get rid of their smoking habits. It is available for both Android as well as iPhone users, free of charge. Quit Now marks a milestone at every big hurdle you cross during your process of quitting smoking.

The cool and stylish illustration celebrating your little victories in this journey is what attracts users to this app. However, the underlying reason so many people use it is that it gives you a detailed and planned structure laid out to help you achieve the benefits of quitting smoking.

Quitter’s Circle

With this app, one can create their own personalized plan as per their own requirements to quit smoking. In addition to that, they can even monitor their daily improvements with respect to their designed plan. You can even plot a milestone to help you motivate better and reach your goals faster than estimated.

Quitter’s Circle even allows you to form a committee consisting of other people to help you stay focused and inspire you. It is scientifically proven that people tend to be more productive when in groups than alone since they have certain motivation and inspiration to look up to.


True that the above-mentioned apps are designed to help you get rid of your smoking habit. But they do just that: aid. These quit-smoking apps 2018 has seen will do you little to no good if you don’t work on yourself enough. They will benefit you only as much as you are motivated to benefit yourself.

These are the best quit-smoking apps 2018 was expected to deliver. They can make matters easy for you. They can soften the hurdles in the process. But you have to undergo the journey, nonetheless. So make sure that you follow the recommendations of these apps seriously. Move strictly according to the rules laid down by the professionals through these apps, and you will soon start experiencing the benefits of quitting smoking.

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