Apps that would help you in boosting your Home-Based Business


Running a home-based business isn’t a piece of cake. There are plenty of different aspects to take care of when you decide to merge your professional business with the confinements of your home. However, modern technology has brought about plenty of drastic changes in the field of business as well.

Various mobile apps for small businesses have been developed to help you gain full control over your entrepreneurial venture. It even gives you control on the sides, which you may have no prior understanding or knowledge about. Here is how apps can come to your aid in running a smooth business by yourself.

How can smartphone apps help in this regard?

Most people who set out on their own entrepreneurial ventures have little to no understanding of the process. They learn along the way and with the help of their mentors. However, when you have a home-run business, there is almost no chance of meeting professionals outside and learning from them. Here, mobile apps for small businesses come to your rescue.

  • You can operate these apps without anybody’s help
  • You don’t need to hire an accountant to maintain your tax and expense records.
  • You can rely on these apps to increase the productivity of your home-based business.
  • They are cheap and more effective than any other alternative.

Which are the best tax tracker apps?



This app keeps a track of all your expenses of your home-based business in a clear-cut manner. If you want to calculate the tax deductions on any expense, just feed in that expense which you made from your credit card, and Expensify will give you the result into time. It even links your bank accounts and credit cards to your expenses to make the calculation of tax easy.



This app links your expenses and savings to your bank account and tends to organize your monthly finances. It can separately take care of your personal and professional finances all while minimizing them to its optimum. If you are planning a budget and have a hard time sticking to it, then Mint app is one of the best tax tracker apps you can own. Many people even use this app in order to design a budget plan and move accordingly.

Which apps can help you boost your productivity?


SquawkYou need to feed your to-do list in this app and it prompts you to complete the set tasks in time. However, the striking feature of Squawk is that it doesn’t shove the list right in your face. It displays one task at a time on your phone screen in order of priorities set by you and shows you the time allotted for each task. In this way, one is not overwhelmed by the long to-do list and their productivity sky-rockets.



The name here is self-explanatory. This app works towards minimizing your time spent uselessly surfing social media apps. If you feel you are spending huge chunks of your time each day unproductively, especially for home-based businesses, then this is the app for you. It will shut down your social media apps after a set time limit so that you can get back to work.

Which are the best expense manager apps?



This app is useful for business runners who find it difficult to run according to a fixed budget. Going beyond your financial means can be lethal to any type of business. With GoodBudget, you can decide a budget for each of your business expenses for the month. This is useful for keeping a track record of how much money you are spending and where, especially if you are aiming to curb your unnecessary expenses. For home-based businesses, this app is nothing but a boon.

Level Money:

Level Money

This is one of those apps that all of us need regardless of owning a business. Level Money keeps a track of your monthly income and your fixed monthly expenses like bills. At the beginning of each month, Level Money will subtract all necessary expenses from your monthly income. It shows you what’s left of it so that you can plan other expenses accordingly. This is one of the best expense manager apps to own for a small home-run business.


True that one does not just need apps to get a business started and running. There is much more to a home-based business than what appears on the outside. But even so, these above-mentioned apps can make your professional life quite simple and easy to manage. You don’t need a third party to teach you how to use these apps. You can easily figure it out by yourself.

They give you a birds-eye-view of your business so that nothing escapes your sight. Investing in these apps is much simpler and cheaper than hiring somebody else to do the job for you. These apps are available for both Android as well iPhones, free of cost. So, invest your time and money in these apps today, and see your business scaling better heights each day.

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