5 Easy Ways to Minimize Screen Time

Easy Ways to Minimize Screen Time

Experts agree that extended periods of screentime can take one of the largest negative tolls on your mental and physical health. Spending too much time on your phone or computer can be linked to depression, anxiety, and obesity, among other issues. While keeping your phone handy can be a way to ensure that you have access to information on the go, like when you need to research or book a procedure at RCMC Medical Center, constantly having access to your phone can make it tempting to use it more frequently.

If you are addicted to using social media or find yourself checking your phone during the day a bit too frequently, here are a few simple ways to minimize your screen time.

1.  Set Reminds for Breaks

Young female office manager or secretary with pencil between her nose and mouth trying to relax after hard working day by workplaceIf you have a hard time forcing yourself to take breaks from your phone or computer throughout the day, setting reminders periodically can be helpful. If you are on your computer for 8 hours a day at work, try setting a timer every 30 minutes to an hour remind yourself to take a break.

2.  Try a Standing Desk

Not only does staring at a screen all day take a negative toll on your health, but sitting in one spot for hours while you are doing so makes matters worse. Consider getting a standing desk to use in your office or taking a few walking meetings on the go.

3.  Don’t Scroll While You Eat

Scrolling-While-EatingUsing your phone while you eat results in both mindless scrolling and mindless eating. Keeping your phone away from meal areas will help prevent this, which will have benefits for both your body and mind.

4.  Keep Your Phone Out of the Bedroom

Scrolling on your phone and prolonged social media usage before bed are tied to insomnia and can be generally disruptive to your sleep schedule each night. Combat this and reduce your nightly screentime by leaving your phone to charge in a different room when you go to bed.

5.  Leave Your Phone at Home

Android smartphone in handWhen you are doing activities with friends or loved ones, consider leaving your phone at home if you suspect it could be a distraction or you think you will have trouble keeping your scrolling time to a minimum.

Excessive screen time can be detrimental to your mental and physical health – use these simple tips to help you disconnect.

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