4 convincing reasons to use a VPN on your mobile phone

VPN on your mobile phone

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that uses servers in remote locations, to provide those who use it with a secure Internet connection. While some people use VPNs on their computers or laptops, not many think of the fact that VPNs are also a great asset for smartphones as well. When using public Wi-Fi networks, which don’t usually have any form of encryption, you expose your personal data to cyberattacks. If you are still not sure if you should install a VPN on your mobile phone right away, below are 4 more convincing reasons.

1. Enhanced security

Enhanced security

The number one reason for using a VPN service is to be able to securely navigate the internet, send out private files and protect your sensitive data from being exposed to threats. If, for example, you are making an online purchase while you are out at a restaurant and using their Wi-Fi network, information such as address, credit card number and name can be easily intercepted by anyone using the network. The reasons why you don’t want that to happen don’t even need to be mentioned, so the best option is to start looking for VPNs for Android or iPhone as soon as possible.

2. Unblock geographically restricted content

YouTube and Netflix are famous for restricting some of their content to certain areas. If you want to have complete access to all of their content, then a VPN is your only solution. It will give you permission to connect to a server within the area where the video is not restricted and enjoy the video on your phone. Some people also use proxy services, but they are not very reliable or secure either. Keep in mind that some platforms may block VPN protocols from working on their website, which means you won’t be able to access some of the content even if you use one.

3. Online anonymity

Online anonymityVNP services hide your IP address or direct the connection towards a different IP, and thus provide substantial online anonymity. To ensure that your IP is hidden, activate the VPN and go to a website that reveals your IP address. If the one you see there is from a different country than the one you are located, it means the VPN is doing its job. Don’t forget that VPN providers don’t promote illegal activity, which means that if something is illegal in your country without a VPN, it will be illegal with VPN also.

4. Increased bandwidth

There is nothing more annoying when watching a video online, than seeing it buffering every few seconds. VPN services allow for multiple Internet connections to be used at once, meaning that your bandwidth will increase and you won’t have to keep waiting for long videos to load. If you are used to doing conference calls on your phone, you won’t have to worry about disconnections or poor call quality either, which can be extremely annoying, especially if you are making an important call.

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