3 Ways to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life


Nothing is more frustrating than having a phone with a short battery life. In today’s world, we  use our phones for everything – from communicating with loved ones, to playing games, to contacting useful services like Provider’s Choice Scribe Services. It is more important than ever to ensure that our phones have a powerful, long-lasting battery.

While many technological advancements have been put  on the market to make charging your phone faster and easier, little has been done to improve the quality or life of phone batteries themselves; there are, however, little things you can do when charging or using your phone to preserve its battery life and make it better in the future.  Here are a few tips on how  to extend your phone’s battery life.

1.  Be Mindful of Battery Usage

woman using mobileDid you know that your phone’s settings can tell you exactly how much battery power each of your apps uses? This will allow you to see exactly how much of your battery is being used on what, allowing you to make changes if necessary. If a particular app is sucking a large percentage of your battery strength, it might  be a good idea to look into decreasing the amount of time spent on said app, or find a better alternative.

2.  Utilize Low Power Mode

Low power mode is not just a feature to use when your phone is already dying – it is one of the best ways to save battery life at all times. Low power mode cuts down on background functions that drain your phone’s battery, allowing you  to use it for what you need without sacrificing battery life for unnecessary purposes.

3.  Reduce Brightness

 Listening-to-podcastOne of the easiest ways to preserve your phone’s battery life is by simply turning down the brightness of your screen. If your phone uses adaptive brightness, it might be a good idea to turn this off too. Keeping your brightness at a minimum  will significantly increase your battery life and keep your phone from dying as quickly once the battery is low. Using Dark Mode on your device will also help with this – and, as a bonus, darker images on dim screens causes less strain on your eyes and can reduce negative effects on your health associated with smartphone use such as insomnia.

Nothing is more frustrating than a phone with low battery, especially  when you are in the middle of a call, video game, etc. Use these 3 simple tips to make your battery last longer and improve the quality of your phone in the  future.

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