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Virgin Mobile coming up with Samsung handset

samsung slash coming to virgin 7O7dp 5965

With the option of varied companies of sophisticated handsets, Virgin Mobile just cannot stop itself from accepting new designs and operating systems. As for its reputation, it has always been predominated by Kyocera and UTStarcom handsets. The trend was further joined by LG Aloha LX140 and latest by LG Flare LX175. Now it’s Samsung on its way to join the bandwagon. Virgin Mobile has recently declared on its website, that Samsung Slash is soon joining its services. Samsung Slash is a stylish slider phone that sports a slick design. This particular handset is just all inclusive. Right from Bluetooth, voice dialling, a speakerphone and messaging; this handset has got a camera, MP3 ringtones and a wireless Web browser. I personally feel that this new amalgamation is going to give both, Virgin Mobile and Samsung a broader market dimension.

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