Unique and innovative phone accessories worth purchasing

All of us use different accessories for our cell phones and are always on the look out to find something interesting to use with the phone. In the following sections, we will go beyond the normal accessories and look at use of some innovative ideas. These are useful utilities, which serve a purpose and make for interesting add on to your repertoire.


Cigarette Holder Phone

To attract the large percentage of smokers in the country a Chinese company has come up with this cigarette holder phone. Apart from looking just like a cigarette pack with the same size as well as health warnings, it can also hold actual half pack cigarette on its back.


Telescope lens for phone

If you find something interesting, which you want to capture on a SLR camera but have only your phone with you at the moment then this 6X lens will be quite useful. It comes bundled with a back shell for your phone so that the telescope lens can be mounted on the mobile phone. Now only some of the Nokia mobiles are supported with company looking to add in support for other phones in the future.


Bluetooth Bracelet

This device in the form of a bracelet vibrates as well as caller’s number of its small OLED screen if you receive a call. This is quite a useful utility if you are in a meeting or some other place where you cannot take out your phone. The device uses Bluetooth connection to interact with your smart phone to provide you notification of incoming calls.


Solar Charger with Case

This accessory functions as a solar charger as well as a mobile case for your phone. From the outside, it appears to an ordinary mobile case but it actually has solar panels and also lithium battery to charge your phone. You can use this device with different phone models and is useful utility to have.


Aura Sensor

The makers of this accessory call it the aura sensing phone strap or the aura tama. According to claims by Solid Alliance, the company that created this device, the ball can sense aura of the user and ball’s color changes to one of the eight colors based on the kind of energy the user omits. This ball strap is being packages with 3 different power stones which user can select from; amethyst, crystal and rose quarts.

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