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TouchLauncher – Makes your Palm feel as though it were an iPhone

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I know ever since Apple launched the iPhone you have longed for the same kind of thrills on your Palm. TouchLauncher brings you just that. It works in association with the OS of your Palm to get you all the features that the iPhone boasts of in terms of superior graphics. You cannot ask for a better bargain at $6.99. An amazing user interface that has been the forte of iPhone is now available on the Palm. Interesting wallpapers, a variety of icons, and the very convenient drag and drop functionality can all be made available on your Palm with the TouchLauncher. Moreover it allows you to switch from one screen to another and scroll on them by simply touching with your finger. TouchLauncher is actually designed to work with the Palm OS 5 but if you want to you can download the trial version that offers 10 launches for you to decide before you make up your mind.

Even though you can get a UI similar to iPhone the iPhone still has a point to beat the Palm. Nowadays the iPhone is offering an amazing gaming interface which the Palm does not seem to have yet. That gives the iPhone and edge over the TouchLauncher.


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