HSDPA ‘Neon’ Phone By iSky – If Looks Could Kill This One Would

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If you thought that Apple had its last word on mobiles then I beg to differ. Well since I do not perplex myself with software much and look forward to looks and appeal, this new phone by iSKY works good for me. The new HSDPA phone about to be launched by iSKY has something really different-LEDs jazzing up the cover. Users can choose between 46 icons available and can deck up their cell-phones accordingly. If you thought this one is a beauty without brains, think again. With the 2M camera, mp3 player, electronic dictionary, text viewer and multitasking functionality, this phone is sure to go places. Available in four colors-black, white, pink and sky blue, Koreans will love to own one like this. Lets hope the neon signs are soon featured in our cellphones as well.
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Source: Aving

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