The Top 3 Ways to Keep Your AirPods Clean

Keep Your AirPods Clean

Apple Inc. makes some of the most innovative products in the telecommunications industry. AirPods are one of these incredible products. More specifically, AirPods are a wireless Bluetooth headset. You can use them with iPhones that have an iOS 10 Operating System or later versions.

Using them is a straightforward process. Just take them out of their casing and then put them in your ears. They will connect to your iPhone instantly. Listening to music through these devices is a fantastic experience because the quality of the sound that comes from them is superb. Buying them is also an excellent idea because they charge quickly. Additionally, you can use them for an entire day without recharging. You can also pair them with your Apple Watch or MacBook. Sadly, dirt accumulates on these devices quickly. Here are the top 3 ways to keep your AirPods clean.

1.      Using a Microfiber Cloth and Cotton Swab

Cotton-SwabRemoving unwanted materials from AirPods is an essential part of keeping them clean. These materials include dirt, dust, and earwax. Earwax is the most common substance found on them. This wax is a combination of sebum, dead skin cells, and secretions from specific glands in the ear canal. A cotton swab helps you remove the earwax from the mesh grille on an AirPod. Do not use any liquid material near these grilles including solvents or aerosol sprays. Avoid abrasives as well because they will damage the AirPods unnecessarily. Clean the casing with a microfiber cloth. Wipe off any smudges on the case using this cloth and a bit of water. Then do the same thing for the outer surfaces of the AirPods, but exercise caution as you do it. Remember, liquids will damage the AirPods if they get into their openings.

2.      Practicing a High Level of Aural Hygiene

Keeping your AirPods clean is also possible if you keep your ears clean. Remember, most of the debris that is present on the AirPods comes from your ears. Cleaning them is a straightforward process. Just take a damp cloth and then wipe the outside part of your ears. You can use cotton swabs as well. This cleaning process removes dirt, wax, and dust from your ears. In most cases, this debris attaches itself to your AirPods when you insert them into your ears. Therefore, getting rid of these unwanted materials through aural hygiene means your AirPods will be free of them as well. It is worth noting that dust and dirt accumulate on your AirPods when you store them outside their casing. For that reason, storing them inside their case when they are not in use would keep them clean as well.

3.    Covering the AirPods with Suitable Wrapping

AirPodsImage Source : apple.com

Another excellent way of keeping your AirPods clean is by wrapping them in materials that repel dust and dirt. In most cases, this wrap will come in six individual pieces. One is for the bottom part of the case while another one is for its base. Two pieces are for the right and left AirPod. The last two are an extra set for the two pods. Usually, the wrapping comes in different styles so that you can select the one you like. For example, Wraps Studio has police, flag, and reggae-themed wraps among others. The wrappings produced by this company are also precision-based. That means they will cover every inch of your AirPods except buttons and access points. Moreover, you can remove the wrapping easily if you want to replace it with another one.

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