The new Nokia N95 black edition

n 95 1333

We don’t know how Nokia did it, but they just bettered their already stunning N-Series with this astounding N-95 black edition. Beauty apart, the phone kicks butt in specs department too combining satellite navigation, cutting edge 5-megapixel camera, a sleek media player with PDA functions in a gorgeous but not quite as thick handset. The relatively slim phone uses a two-way sliding design with a handy textured keypad which feels simply heavenly as opposed to the rather flat and uncomfortable ones that Motorola insist on shoving in each and every one of their models. The touch-sensitive suite of media player controls is also a nice little addition we absolutely admire while the fact that its 66mm (2.6-inch) screen also converts into landscape mode and activates a 3D multimedia menu simply bowls us over. We got some stunning pics of the new Nokia N95 and you can also catch the sleek cellphone in action after the jump.

Source: New Mobile Guide

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