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Phones come a full circle, well literally!

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The ubiquitous phone started out with rotary mechanism for dialing and here in its latest avatar has come a full circle and has harked back to the bygone era of rotary telephones. Live retro with this circular concept phone which does away with all modern conveniences like the display and other stuff you’d expect to find on modern phones. What you have here in the Circle phone concept is the dialing mechanism in it’s purest form which doesn’t even have the outer shell that antique telephones are expected to have. To talk, you have a microphone and a earpiece built in to the circle phone concept and to dial of course, you use the analog keys arranged in the circular fashion. The phone even has talk and end buttons on the inner gray coloured circle. The Circle phone concept, when not in use will sit on a nice little white stand. Other details of this phone are very sketchy at this moment and we will bring you the latest on this design as and when we get them.

Via: InteriorDesignRoom

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