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The iPhone SMS Vulnerability still awaits a Patch

apple iphone sms vulnerability

Trivia time! What will be the next software development from Apple-the SMS Patch or the 3.1? The SMS driven security goof is hurting Apple big-time as it allows the hackers run an arbitrary code good enough to lay your iPhone lame with a DoS attack. Charlie Miller the guy who found this flaw is revealing the details of it at Black Hat- as to how it can hack your phone. Indeed, he and his gang claim that they reported about the problem a month back but, we suppose Apple was busy preparing an excuse for overheating at the time, thinking that this will not turn out be something serious. The situation is grim now and we hope they realize it. What they also need to realize is that the time left on their hands is very limited. Till then-we do not know what to tell the iPhone users-just keep your fingers crossed and wait for the patch at the eraliest.

Via: Engadgetmobile

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