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The Confusion about the Google Phone 2.0?

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Two words together, ‘Google’ and ‘Phone’ have spilled some real confusion on the internet. Where Google Phone 2.0 is just another name for the second version of the Google Mobile OS, Android, there are rumours that Google is preparing an iPhone killer. Just to get the facts right people, Google Phone 2.0 is Android 2.0 which will lately be seen embracing the ‘real world’ iPhone competitor, the Motorola Droid. Google being a software giant realises that it is already late in catching the hardware train. We can still endorse the fact that Google was behind the development of the Motorola Droid from beginning till the end but other than this assistance there is nothing in person that Google is readying to match the might of the Apple iPhone. The fact is that it is not easy to match the standards set by Apple as even giants like Nokia have struggled to create something as magical as the iPhone. Dell tried, but it landed in a place like China where credibility has a different meaning. Therefore, it is important to understand that Google Phone 2.0 is a mobile OS and nothing more. I wish we are proven wrong on this count but even if we are, a Google embellished handset will be no match for the iPhone, the Droid however may pose a serious threat to the iPhone supremacy.

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