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Palm to give away 25 free Pixies upon release

25 free palm pixies upon release promotional tool

Palm wants to leave no stone unturned in promoting the upcoming Palm Pixie as it plans to give away 25 Pixies free to the winners of a contest who can subscribe for it from here. These phones will be given away upon the release of the Pixie and to confirm the release date, the ‘seekers’ will have to keep visiting the contest website. The slimmest Palm phone until date, Pixie is the shrunken version of the ever so popular Pre with a 2.63” 320 by 400 pixel display. There is no special purpose behind giving away these phones as Palm merely wants to celebrate the arrival of this sleek and stylish new webOS phone. It is the Sprint CDMA version of the phone that you will eventually get in the US only offer. A free Pixie will be something that you will absolutely relish although you could still rue the lack of WiFi connectivity.

Via: Unwiredview

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