T-Mobile Sidekick LX gets TeleNav GPS Navigator

t mobile sidekick lx with telenav sidekick navigat

T-Mobile sure isn’t in the mood to disappoint even the standard handset users which most of us thought was happening. It’s familiar TeleNav turn by turn navigation application is coming to the basic phones such as the Sidekick LX (the upgrade of the original Sidekick) after its release for the myTouch 3G yesterday. The iPhone and the Android pride can be therefore shouldered on this aspect. We are not sure whether there is a 30-day free trail involved but what we do know is that the Application will cost the same $9.99 a month for the sidekick LX users. The GPS Navigator will be a heck of an experience with turn by turn voice instructions; automatic re-routing and speech recognition to assist you reach your destination just in time.

Via: Mobilecrunch

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