Where they stand: HTC ThunderBolt vs. Samsung Stratosphere

HTC ThunderBolt vs. Samsung Stratosphere

The challenge

The buzz of the smartphones are really in throughout the world market and the consumers are seeking the best one. Every smartphone has pros and a con too, so it is always not possible to locate the best one but intricate details reveal the true specifications. The AMOLED display of the Samsung is definitely an enticing aspect unlike Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt of HTC and Droid charge of Samsung are the subject matters here and to know these high-tech smartphones in and out go through this write-up.

Comparison attributes


The typical design of the both the smartphones is attractive with a sharp get up on Samsung’s couch but the HTC Thunderbolt has a slick rear end. The HTC is a bit larger than the Samsung say, by an inch or two but the Samsung’s sleek get up sometimes falls short to Thunderbolt due to the latter’s back stand.


The display sharpness in the Droid charge is much more than the Thunderbolt but if you are at home, it really can stress the eyes. Though the clarity of the Droid helps in the Sun but then the HTC is also not that bad.


Both the phones have a 4.3 inch touchscreen but the Samsung has a super AMOLED display which enhances the performance. The Samsung is basically better in overall performance because the buttons of the phone are easy to handle, many new features of the phone improves the quality of the Droid. The HDMI port is an additional point in the Droid.


The speed of the smartphones are good but the internet speed of 13 Mbps of the Droid charge is 4 units more than the HTC. The voice quality is pretty good in Samsung but the HTC provides top class speech clarity over the phone. The 4GB processor of both these phones helps to complement the Google Android software 2.2.


The navigation, calender, contacts are all on the same mark but the HTC comes with Dataviz Documents and the Droid provides Think Free Office and other facilities. The typical accessing of the Google accounts and tracking aspects are better in Droid phone than the HTC.


There are many games which are in-built in the Verizon smartphones such as these two. The Rhapsody, Bit Bop, Let’s Golf 2 and many such utilities are poured inside them while manufacturing. The rear camera of these phones have an 8 megapixel format and the front camera provision is 1.3 megapixel in clarity.

Battery Life

Battery life is not an aspect which will satisfy the customers and that has a justified explanation too. The 4G touchscreen facility is a very sophisticated aspect and eats up any amount of charge within some hours if you play a lot of games. So, you should be careful to take your charger wherever you go in both the cases.

Keyboard and controls

Both the models have on screen keyboards and not a physical one. The buttons of the HTC are very minimal in nature so it is really difficult to use them. Whereas, the Droid is better to handle.

HTC Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt has a 4.3 inch screen with a terrific upload speed and various download applications on the run. LED flash, 720 HD Camcorder, camera effects, DLNA connectivity, awesome Wi-Fi connection with wireless router facilities makes this model a unique smartphone. Almost 5 devices can be linked with the powerful 4G connectivity and a smooth access to song, movie download is possible.

Samsung Stratosphere

The QWERTY keypad of the Samsung with a slide out facility is really attractive. $250 is the price tag of the device which has an AMOLED screen and a sharp 5 megapixel camera. The keys have a curved get up and the tactile feedback while typing files, surfing over the browser is notable. The Android keyboard is excellent and allows choosing of the Swype to develop words by tracing. The colorful images of the display is enticing and even the hues of the color shades are also visible.

The verdict: The winner

The prices of the Samsung and the Thunderbolt are $250 and $200 respectively so if money is an issue, Thunderbolt wins. The basic layout and the overall design of both these phones are the same but then the style of the display is different. Droid charge has a more 3D look and the Thunderbolt has a curvy appearance.But the intricate evaluation of the screen resolution, battery, price, performance reveals that the Samsung scores a bit more than the Thunderbolt.

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