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Snooperscope converts your Smartphone into night vision goggles

by DrPrem Jagyasi

We all have Smartphone and now, a product called Snooperscope aims to bring a technology to the masses through use of Smartphones and tablets. It is a wireless camera that works in conjunction with your smartphones and tablets. You can adjust the Snooperscope settings; take night vision photos and record video by using its additional application.


You will be able to see things clearly in the dark that the naked eye would not be able to detect. Its kickstarter video shows this functionally in action during an outdoor nighttime setting. The user also can hold his hand out in front of the lens and then in front of his face to show that how much clear it looks through the Snooperscope.

It is a special gadget that fixes perfectly to the device because it uses magnets to grip the back of the phone and as such it is easy to remove. In addition to this, it also has a screw port at the bottom allowing it to be mounted on a tripod, on the dashboard of a car and other places. It is a night vision scope and the reason behind this is, it connects to the iPhone or Android device using Wi-Fi.

The makers claim that this device can peer through any dense material that infrared rays can pass through means this can see through liquids, inks and textiles. In addition to this, this device also allows you to see the infrared tracking dots used by Microsoft’s Kinect to track your motion. If you want to get this smart device, you will have to wait until June of coming year because it will hit the market in the month of June 2014.

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