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All you need to know about Sharp’s 3D cellphone displays

Sharp 3D cellphone display

Whenever we hear the term 3D, we can easily visualize ourselves wearing a 3D glass and watching a 3D movie in some movie theater. So, when today people are migrating from movie theater to cellphones, why can’t the mobile technology do the same. The Japanese Electronics Group Sharp has introduced a new 3D cellphone display for use in cellphones and other mobile devices. Sharp had announced this new introduction somewhere around April 2010.

Salient Features

Sharp’s new 3D cellphone display provides a realistic feel to the images and videos being viewed on a cellphone or any other mobile device. The key point to be noted is that one can view the 3D stills without having the need to wear the conventional 3D glasses. The 3D effect can be enjoyed with naked eye. The user of a device with such a 3D screen needs to hold the mobile phone at around 30 cm from the eyes, which is the normal range at which a user holds any other mobile phone.

The technology that Sharp has used for this 3D display involves a layer inside the screen. This layer reflects the light towards the right and the left eye. This combination of different visuals appearing from left and right eye gives the user an illusion of some depth in that visual and thus eliminate the need to wear the conventional 3D glasses. Thus, the same image or a video will be differently visible by the left and the right eye leading to a 3D effect.

The new touch-screen 3D display is about 3.5 inches diagonally. The resolution is about four times the resolution of the earlier 3D displays that Sharp had introduced in early 2000’s. Also, the display can be interchangeably used between 2D and 3D modes. The display also facilitates landscape as well as portrait images and videos.


Today, we all know how speedily the users are moving from movie theaters to cellphones for watching movies. They prefer playing different games on their cellphones rather than sitting in front of a video game console or other playstations. Looking at this gradually changing trend, it can be said that Sharp has really taken a correct turn in the industry and that too at the right time.

The 3D display will give the users a realistic feel not only while playing games but even stuff like video conferencing and other 3G and upcoming 4G features would excite them. So, one point can be convincingly raised that, Sharp’s new introduction would definitely trigger a new war in the mobile industry where the different manufacturers will have to push themselves to gain that extra edge over other. And, this would lead to fall in prices of these mobile devices.

Like, we all know, when iPhone was introduced, immediately in next few months, we were able to find a number of new and different applications and features in other mobile devices also. There actually were a good number of satisfying alternatives than the iPhone. Hence, in any case, the users are definitely going to be benefited in every way.


The new 3D display by Sharp is expected to gain enough support, looking at the new trend in mobile devices where mobile gaming and watching movies on mobile devices rather than movie theaters is increasing widely. Also, since the users need not wear the conventional 3D glasses, it would be interesting to see how the users adapt to movie theaters which continue to use 3D glass supporting technology for 3D movies.

Sharp is also expected to provide these displays to Nintendo which provides handheld gaming consoles. The mass production of the 3D displays is expected around mid 2011.

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