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Samsung SGH-E500 now adorns the stylish leather finish

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So all you folks who were waiting for another revolutionary phone by Samsung should be content now! Here comes another blockbuster by Samsung, the Samsung SGH-E500, wow! No this marvel does not incorporate the maximum of metallic and plastic upholstery but rather boasts of adorning the all new contemporary leather finish.

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Leather fabric in-mold labeling just adds that touch of class and elegance that the normal finishes fail to bestow. The phone definitely looks stylish and glamorous, you bet! This one may find some great use to the style savvy folks and the people who want to be in Vogue all the time. The higher blueprint level is realized by its leather touch feel and graphics which make this marvel a ‘class apart‘. Grab one for yourself or be a loner!

Via: Yankodesign

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