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Samsung S3310

Samsung S3310

Another candy form mobile from Samsung, the S3310 arrives with a rugged design and all the basic mobile features. A sleek, silver body houses a 2.1 inches TFT screen which is supportive of 16M colors. Made to work on the Quad band GSM network, 3G has been excluded from the handset in a bid to keep its market price within the reach of almost everyone. The phone is lightweight ofcourse but just a tad big to be considered a slim or thin phone. Though it does not provide a WiFi, the user operations are made easy and elegant.

Samsung S3310


The camera may be only a 2 MP one but the quality of images it shoots is sure to take everyone by surprise. the 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution is really good for a 2 MP camera. Audio quality is excellent which enhances the FM radio and the music players embedded in the phone. The expandable memory of 8GB and the ability of the phone to store about 1000 contacts is really wonderful. USB 2.0 and the Bluetooth 2.0 ensure good transfer facilities and connectivity with other devices. The lack of 3G means slower browsing but one cannot simply expect more from a phone that is available for under Rs.3800.


The Samsung S3310 has a 32 MB memory capacity. This is grossly insufficient but with an expandable external memory of 8 GB, storage problems should not be a bother. The other features include wav and mp3 ringtones, voice memo, organizer, FM stereo radio with RDS and players for mp3 and mp4 files. Since it supports WAP 2.0/x HTML, one can browse the web right from the comfort of the phone itself. The battery is capable of 3.5 hours talktime with 250 hours of standby time – not impressive but good enough. A 2 MP camera has been fitted to the handset with picture taking and video-shooting abilities. The 15fps that the video camera records is slightly better than security surveillance footage.


The design has been made to specifically attract people at the first glance itself. The silver metallic case lends an air of dignity to the phone and the neatly arranged keypad with boxed keys looks professional. The five-way multifunctional key lies at the center of the phone while the speaker and camera are located at the top on the backside. There is a good grip that has been fitted to the back of the phone to ensure that it sits well on car dashboards and tables. Two volume-control keys adorn one of the sides. The phone weighs only 77 grams and measures 109.9 x 46 x 10.9 mm in physical dimensions.


One has to constantly make the choice to get the perfect mix of performance, price and brand. Samsung has consistently done well in the Indian markets. The s3310 is definitely a high performance deal for the cost it entails. The added thrill lies in the fact that the phone is well supported. A visit to the Samsung site for the s3310 will open up a vast world of themes, games, softwares, installations and codes that go on to the phone. It is ‘virtually’ like getting the whole world at a very economical price.

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