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Samsung Monte S5620

Samsung Monte S5620

Samsung Monte S5620 packs in oodles of handy features at a reasonable price. It has a compact chassis and hip looking design, along with many connectivity options. All frequently accessed buttons are provided along the edges. It has a music player and camera to keep you busy in spare time. Even though all functions have been provided, running applications is not exactly smooth and easy as their quality is just passable. In any case, the high points of the phone include its looks, portable built, web browsing, music player and the touchscreen with WQVGA resolution. In fact, it slots in the innovative TouchWiz interface.

Samsung Monte S5620


The battery is dynamic and a single charge can last for as long as three days. Although the browser works swiftly, you can view only a limited number of web pages on the mobile. Full page views are not that great and only links intended for mobile view can be seen clearly. But, the setup does allow bookmarking. The camera lacks autofocus and its picture quality is so-so. Close up shots and the detailing spewed out by the 3.15MP camera is a letdown. The voice quality of calls is average as there is slight muffling in the background. Also, it does not have any preinstalled games.


The mobile phone has an easy to operate lock-unlock button embedded on the right. You need to press it to unbolt your phone and access it. There is another way to unlock the phone. Just outline a letter on the screen and, voila, you have logged in! This natty system allows you to access your phone faster so you won’t be fumbling to unlock while the phone is ringing away. Listen to thumping beats of the music player or radio. The sound intonation is voluminous and clear thanks to the first rate plug-in ear buds and a clever 3.5mm headset point on the top of the mobile.


The handset looks quite trendy. It has a bony frame that measures about 109, 54 and 12 mm along each side. The waif thin phone will fit right into your palm. Fit it inside your bag or carry it in the pocket without feeling any weight. The rounded edges and glossy surface are swish. Three buttons are slotted on the 3-inch, touch-sensitive screen. Browsing and navigation with the touch screen is a cinch. Most of buttons that people access frequently are embedded along the edges. These are the 3.5mm headphone socket, USB port, microSD card slot, charging point, lock button, camera key and also the volume controls.


The mobile has all the vital features needed nowadays. Plus, it is designed for easy access. Almost every function used regularly can be activated by clicking the buttons placed along its edges. However, its delivery is just about average. So, those who have a penchant for high performing gizmos should steer clear of this one. The entertainment features are also standard as the phone has a very good music player but absolutely no games and even the camera is mediocre. Nevertheless, the slim and stylish phone will be loved by fashion conscious girls. Grad students or freshers at offices will also like the piece.

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