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Roadmap for Sprint handsets leaked

sprints handsets cOmaI 2263
If you are the kind that gets all excited about roadmaps of future models being leaked, then read on. Sprint’s plans for its handsets have been leaked. Sprint may offer Katana, MoroRAZR handsets and apparently an HTC smart phone. What’s more, you can expect at least 11 handsets being offered by the Sprint mobile network. This information isn’t official yet and is tentative. Some of the other handsets which Sprint Q3 would release are LG Rumor (in Blue), Palm Treo 800W, and BlackBerry Curve (in Red). In August, you may get to buy Katana Eclipse, which looks quite sharp, and of course Motorola VE20 with 2 data cards on the 17th of August. HTC’s MP6950’s information is quite hazy and nothing can be confirmed at the moment. Cell phone freaks can however expect to hear more news from the Sprint in the weeks to come.

Via: Unwiredview

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