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Pirelli DualPhone DP-L10: Ultra Affordable mobility

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If you thought Pirelli just makes automobile tyres and that sexy Pirelli calendar, time to do a rethink. Pirelli has now developed and built a mobile phone with the DualPhone DP-L10. This phone which has GSM and SIP connectivity means that you can use it as a regular GSM cellphone or use it as a VoIP phone to chat across the globe over the internet with Skype. The phone looks pretty dated with its ancient design but more than makes up for its looks with its feature set. Wlan/WiFi makes it into the Dualphone heralding the arrival of VoIP into the budget phone segment.

A very important feature that makes configuring the VoIP very easy is the Over the Air Provisioning or OAP which the Pirelli Dualphone, thankfully has. The phone has a colour display and you can snap photos with the VGA camera and connect to the internet with GPRS or WLAN. Other calling and texting features remain bog standard. The biggest surprise of them all is the Pirelli Dualphone’s stunning price of GBP 59 which when combined with VoIP makes ultra affordable mobility a very distinct reality.

Via: Sipgate

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