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Modu: The pint-sized powerhouse


The world’s lightest phone gets some heavy duty features. The Modu, which weighs just a minuscle 40.1 grams, has some real firepower in it’s tiny arsenal. All the conventional phone features plus Bluetooth, music playback and 1GB of in-built flash memory make this device very powerful for it’s small size. Now, the makers of Modu have come out with some nifty add ons to make the credit card sized Modu just that bit hotter. And they call these add ons, a little stylishly called jackets. The first Jacket to fit the modular Modu is the Qwerty keyboard, which will make typing out and sending emails a child’s play. You can even pimp up your Modu with a range of other fashion jackets like the wearable “skin” necklace or even wear your Modu during exercise with the “sport” arm strap. Sync it to your car with the “carmate” or even go country riding on your bicycle with the GPS add-on, “mates”. All this and more for 200 Euros, which includes the Modu and 2 jackets. Now, I just can’t wait to buy one, later this winter.

VIA: gizmag

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