NTT DoCoMo’s wearable computing to command cell phones

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There is something that I really adore about the Japanese geniuses, while the rest of the world is concentrating on advancement of existing technologies, these Japanese guys are busy evolving new ideas hitherto unthinkable. Take the researchers of NTT DoCoMo for instance. After developing UbiButton, the wristwatch to detect finger movements that would be used on virtual keyboards and the Yubi-Wa, the wearable device that turns the finger to a phone receiver, they have evolved a new technology that requires only eye movements to move devices. Some might consider it as another effort to make the lazy lazier but consider the immense help it will be to the physically challenged!

The device controlling mechanism consists of a headphone fitted with sensors to measure the electrical potential of the cornea as the eye moves in different directions and sends impulses to the digital devices to function accordingly. For the time being, scientists have managed to increase the volume of the music track and fast-forward the music player by darting the eyes from one direction to another. NTT DoCoMo is currently working on using the eye movements to command the cell phones. This is what wearable computing holds for us in the future.

Via: EngadgetMobile, NTT Docomo

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