Capsule Phone – kids safe phone

capsulephone K1W5H 7548

While cell phones have arrived as a boon to parents making it easy for them to keep in touch with their children any time and at any place, but it has a flip side too. Children are often engaged in calls that the parents would at best like to see them avoid. So is there any solution to make cell phone use safe for children and without worries for parents? Maybe the Capsule Phone concept could help them sometime in the future. The unique content sensitive touchscreen display of the phone will allow parents to plan the call schedule of the phone. It is only up to the parents to store numbers they feel are safe for their children to call. Adding icing to the cake, the Capsule Phone would be shockproof, water resistant and would have easy to grip surface. This would be the ideal parent’s gift to the child but remember it is still in the concept stage and we are waiting to see this turn into reality.


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