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NTT displays seven new 905i series phones

905i series phonesNTT DoCoMo has just added seven new phones to its 905i line up. They are D905i, F905i, N905i, N905iμ, P905i, SH905i and SO905i. The common features of all these models are 3G/GSM, WVGA display, a 3.2 MPx camera with AutoFocus, music, video, multi-colors and high powered battery. The mobile giant has not fixed price of any of these gadgets. Let’s have a glance who is what.

D905i: It is Mitsubishi’s latest addition to NTT’s 905i series. Some of the striking features are as follow:

1.3.1 inch TFT screen

2.110x49x18.7mm Dimensions

3.Weight 132g

4.A 3.2 Mega Pixel camera having auto focus

5.Battery life 530 hours

F905i:Fujitsu has designed the device with special emphasis on display system. The mobile comes with a large screen, which is known as Width Motion. Some of the other features include 3.2MPx with CMOS sensor, Super-Fine IPS monitor, 108x50x21mm dimensions, and weight 138 grams. It will be available in four colors such as Black, Blue, White and Magenta.

N905i: It is a NEC device where emphasis has been given on display screen. The screen of the handset is rotating. We can call it EX Liquid Crystal. It measures 3 inches. The mobile gadget comes with all the features that are mentioned in F905i though some differences can be noticed in the weight (133 grams) and dimensions (109x49x19.6).

N905iμ: It is also designed by NEC. The features include 3 inches EX liquid crystal screen, 480x854px, dimensions 108x50x12.9mm, weight 106 grams, thickness 12.9mm and four colors such as Gold, Black, White and Red.

P905i: It is a Panasonic phone featuring W Opening Style screen. It comes with TFT liquid crystals, 5.1MPx sensor with Auto Focus, 106X49X18.5mm dimensions and 137 grams. The battery provides 260 mins to 580 hrs of talk-time. It will be available in Rose, Red, White and Gold colors.

SH905i:Designed by Sharp, the 905i phone features ASV Liquid Crystal screen, 3.2MPx CMOS sensor, Blur Correction and Dolby Certified sound system, 112x48x16.9mm and 125 grams. Battery life: From 190 minutes to 540 hours

SO905i:Sony Ericsson has designed the above phone that features Jog Dial and Sensitive Pad, Bravia technology for the 3 inches (640×480) screen and 3.2MPx sensor (CMOS) with AutoFocus. The mobile weights just 134 grams. Its dimension is 110x49x19.7mm. It will be available in Red, Black, Beige and Champagne colors.

Via: Akihabara News

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