Nokia unveils new Luna Bluetooth headset, complete with wireless charging

Shortly after revealing the set of accessories for its upcoming Windows 8 devices, Nokia has announced the launch of a new Bluetooth headset called “Luna”. The headset will be the recommended pairing with the Lumia 820 and 920 models. To make user experience with it even more effortless and pleasant, the headset has been laced with an amazing wireless charging capability. To use this function, users will just nee to place the cradle of the headset on the new charging plates or charging pillows launched by Nokia and the device will begin replenishing its batteries wirelessly. For those who would rather charge their headsets the old fashioned way, Nokia has also thrown in a micro USB port for easy wired charging.

Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset

The Luna Bluetooth Headset is fitted with Always Ready, a technology that ensures that the headset automatically takes care of answering calls, connecting to your mobile phone and even powering up when you remove it from the cradle. The headset comes with a powerful battery which allows it to stay powered up for up to 35 hours in standby mode while delivering 8 hours of talk time. The headset will be offered in a range of exciting colors including bright yellow, black, red, white and blue. The company has not yet released the details about the expected retail price and an availability date for the Luna Bluetooth Headset just yet though one can expect to hit stores by the time the Lumia 820 and 920 arrive in stores.

Via: Slash Gear

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