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Nokia, Samsung and Panasonic Hit by Bluetooth Patent Suit

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Three of the main Bluetooth cell phone manufacturers, namely Nokia, Samsung and Panasonic have been sued for violating a patent that protects the wireless standard, Bluetooth.

A Scientist at the University of Washington, Edwin Suominen had obtained a patent in 1999 for a ‘simplified high-frequency broadband tuner and tuning method‘. He now claims that the patent is being violated by free Bluetooth standard developed by Ericsson.

The suit will be valid only in the U.S. markets for now. But if they are able to win the suit then the whole Bluetooth market will be at risk as they will have to pay Royalties for the free technology.

Nokia did not make any comments except that they said that they are currently studying the claims. The suit does not pose any danger to the actual chip manufacturer CSR as it is not directly selling the product. But we can say that CSR will do anything to protect its products.

Via: scotsman

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