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Nokia introduces two new handsets in India

nokia 6700 classic nokia 6303 pricing in india

Nokia announced that it will ready 2700 mobile options through the year and two of them the Nokia 6700 and 6303 Classic have been now introduced in the ever growing Indian market. While the 6700 Classic is the successor of the 6300, the 6303 comes as a new addition. Both phones are based on the Symbian 40 Series and are blessed with a 2.2” QVGA Display. The 6700 Classic supports a better camera at 5MP with auto-focus and integrated flash. The 6303 has a 3.2 MP variant with auto-focus and an 8X digital zoom. Both options come with an MP3 Player and an FM radio receiver while the flagship even supports GPS navigation. The 6303 is stunning with its 450 hours of standby time. The 6700 retails for 14,000 Rs which is a tad expensive given its credentials and the 6303 is fairly priced at 8,000 Rs.

Via: Mobiletor

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