Nokia and Android in unison

Merely a few days before the Mobile World Congress begins, Nokia is once again in limelight due to the online leak of the price of its upcoming handset, rumored, Nokia X. This supports the previous rumors, which state the Nokia X to be an economy friendly mobile model and positioned between Asha 503 and Lumia 525.



The all-new Nokia Android Smartphone is likely to have a windows- phone like interface and its own app store loaded with popular apps like Skype and Facebook. The dual-sim Smartphone is said to have a 43-inch screen and 1.3 GHz dual core Snapdragon 200 Processor, Android 44 (KitKat), 512MB RAM and 5megapixel camera and is available in six color shades.


There are several reasons for Nokia to go Android the biggest reason being Microsoft taking interest in the mobile market. Microsoft is about to buy the Asha division of Nokia that is under loss due to lack of android based applications. And if Microsoft doesn’t take a smart decision in time it is very possible that it might lose the efficacy of the hardware brought in by the Asha division.

Producing Android phones will secure Microsoft’s existence in the mobile universe even after its window’s phone mission is unsuccessful. It will also help Microsoft to familiarize itself with the latest operating systems. At such a time, choosing Android seems to be a wise logical decision.


Androids giant collection of applications poses a potential challenge to Microsoft and in such case android application compatibility seems to be necessary for Microsoft. With Nokia using Android, Microsoft gets a platform to combat its competitors. The most important part is that all this; the work on the new Nokia X began much before Nokia signed the deal with Microsoft.

All this is not going to be easy at all for Nokia, as it will have to begin right from the start to sell handsets under a new brand name after 2015 when all its mobile experts will have to leave following the agreement with Microsoft. If Nokia hits the ground in 2015, it will be better to start with   cost Android phone for the company.

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