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Nokia 2626

Nokia 2626 is clearly a mobile phone for those who prefer functionality to flaunting showy contraptions. The efficient sms, mms, voice recording and mail functions help you stay in touch always. GPRS makes downloads very easy. You will really enjoy installing new wallpapers and ringtones on this phone. It can support various graphic formats like GIF87a, GIF89a, JPEG, PNG, BMP and WBMP. The dual band device accepts the GSM 900 / 1800 MHz bandwidths. Moreover, the powerful battery does not die out easily. There are a number of entertainment options like games, music and radio. Weighing about 91 grams, the handset has an internal memory of 2 MB.

Nokia 2626


The powerful battery lasts for long hours. As per claims, it can juice the phone for up to 3 hours when you are talking and on standby, a single charge will carry on for 300 hours. However, the phone will have to be tested in actuality to verify the claim. You can play games for 2 hours before the battery fades out. The cell takes about two hours to charge from zilch to a full battery. Enter up to 300 names in the phone book, which is a good thing if you have a long list of contacts. The phone utilizes the SIM memory as well as the internal memory for this. The call log will retain 20 entries in all the three categories of missed, received and dialed. The operation of the buttons is also smooth.


If you like giving a new look to your screen, then you will appreciate the variety of color themes that Nokia 2626 provides. It accepts MIDI ring tones and also polyphonic MP3 jingles. In addition, it has a128 x 128 pixel resolution and a 65k color view. The voice recorder is cool while the FM radio and handsfree speaker let you enjoy tunes on the go. People on the move will also like the fact that it is a WAP-enabled device, which allows POP3, SMTP, and IMAP4 protocols. Drop a line to friends across the globe as the cell supports 18 different language inputs. A standby time of roughly 12 days is good, and the phone allows you to chat for 180 minutes without recharging, thanks to its lithium ion battery.


The good-looking phone has a moderate screen size and a spacious keypad. The STN-matrix screen measures 27×27 mm. Right at the bottom, you have the 2.5mm audio jack and the charger input. The otherwise simple phone allows you to enjoy music whenever you want to unwind. Two speakers are there on the top and right side.


This is a good phone for workaholics and those who flit from one place to another. The charge lasts for long hours, the phone book is extensive, music player is great and email is reliable. Data transfer with GPRS is speedy. The speaker phone allows you to take calls even when you are occupied. People who are perpetually online all day long will really like the phone. Those commuting everyday can play games or listen to music when in transit. The phone is available in demure tints as well as vibrant hues to suit your taste.

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