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//MUKANA clothing concept: A boon for the visually impaired!

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Paula Löppönen and Ville Tikka have come up with a great clothing concept, dubbed //MUKANA, for the visually impaired. The concept comprises a cell phone, a wireless headset, Global Positioning System (GPS) module and voice recognition software. Moreover, it has a Bluetooth® enabled wireless headset and an integrated 10-key Braille numberpad to provide better usability. It lets the person know his current location, suggests routes to destination and manages timetables of public transportation. They crafted the garment in Neoprene® to assure special sensory qualities. A special covering, attached seams and water repellent zips, make it fully waterproof.

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It has a pocket for keys, a wallet and an extra battery to ensure great back-up. This concept has been successfully tested on a group of visually impaired. Thus, we might see it coming in next to no time – hopefully.

Via: Sauma Design

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