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Most coveted Concept phones from global cellphone makers

nec 48
Concept Phones are great, as they give you an idea about what designers can do when they don’t have to be concerned about the mundane stuff. Here are some of the most desirable concept phones from the house of BenQ-Siemens, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Synaptics, Pantech, AU, Modelabs, and NEC in pictures.

BenQ-Siemens Black Box concept phone
black box1 48
BenQ-Siemens Snake concept
snake1 48
snake2 48
BenQ-Siemens’ another concept phone
benq1 48
benq2 48
Sony Ericsson Concept phone-I
sony1 48
Sony Ericsson Concept phone-II
sony2 48
se45 48
Nokia Archive
archive 48
Nokia Aeon
aeon12 48
aeon13 48
aeon14 48
NEC Tag concept phone
nec1 48
nec2 48
Pantech concept phones
pantech11 48
pantech12 48
Neo concept phones
neoflip 48
neocurve 48
AU concept phones
au1 48
au2 48
Synaptics Onyx concept phone
onyx 11 48
ModeLabs Green concept phones
modelab1 48
modelab2 48
modelab3 48

Well, these concept phones might never meet realism, or might do so after many years but the concept designs are awe-inspiring. Follow the links associated with each concept phone to know more on the same.

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